Tuesday, May 8, 2012

File synchronization and versioning with SparkleShare

SparkleShare is an open source tool for syncing files. Besides being capable of working with GitHub and Gitorious, it lets you synchronize files and folders using your own server, which is a great advantage compared to Dropbox and other.

Some disadvantages I noticed during the first days of using it:

  • somewhat slow reaction time compared to Dropbox
  • since SSH is used as a backend, it is not possible to transfer files from directly between two client machines (compare to LAN sync in Dropbox)
  • file attributes do not seem to be synchronized. I submitted a ticket about this issue.
  • one thing that has remained unclear is how to reduce the repository size? After doing a few quick tests I ended up with a 160 Mb repository. It should be possible by means of GIT, but it would be cool to have this done automatically by SparkleShare itself.

Otherwise the tool (version 0.8.2 included in Ubuntu 12.04) seems to be stable and usable!



  1. Thanks for the writeup with the honest critique. I have a G4 Mac running Ubuntu 12.04 that'd be perfect to set up as a fileserver like this.

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